Happy Marriage

  • Wedding Cake

    How To Make a Wedding Cake?

    Many couples want to know how to make a wedding cake. After all it’s the one thing that you put the most effort into for your wedding. It is a work of art that you and your fiance will cherish and remember for many years to come. Here’s how to make a wedding cake. To […]

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  • Wedding Ring

    Which Hand Is Wedding Ring Worthy of Being Gifted?

    If you are looking for an answer as to which hand is wedding ring worthy of wearing on your right hand, then this article will help you out. Many couples these days prefer to wear different rings for different occasions. For instance, some couples wear wedding bands for their engagement ceremony and their wedding reception. […]

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  • Wedding Bouquet

    How To Make A Wedding Bouquet?

    When it comes time for the bride and her attendants to pick out how to make a wedding bouquet, there are plenty of options available. Each of the bridesmaids and bride s bouquets can cost from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per bouquet. To save the least amount of money or prevent […]

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  • Humanist Wedding

    What Is a Humanist Wedding?

    Humanist weddings began to appear more frequently in the United States and around the world in the mid-1990s. The main catalyst for this was the introduction of legalized same sex marriage in each state, which made having a civil ceremony between two persons a legal act in these states. When the term “humanist” was first […]

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  • Wedding Breakfast

    What is a Wedding Breakfast?

    A wedding breakfast is basically a buffet dinner given to all guests and the newly married couple before the wedding. The term is also used in British English. Brunch, on the other hand, is an extended overnight stay in a place other than the bride and groom’s residence, such as a hotel or bed and […]

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  • Become A Wedding Planner

    How To Become A Wedding Planner?

    Want to learn how to become a wedding planner?” Read on! In this article, we’ll discuss the basic steps you’ll need to take to get started, and what you can do when you’re finally on your path. Specifically, we’ll answer a few FAQs about wedding planning and provide a list of resources for more detailed […]

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